Ruby On Rails Web Developer with Data Science Fundamentals


The Ruby on Rails developer course portion introduces you to building dynamic, database-backed web applications with the popular Rails web framework. You will receive hands-on experience planning, designing, coding, securing, testing, and deploying dynamic web applications. You will also learn how to use Rails-flavored Ruby language features, Git, Heroku, and other valuable web development tools. Once complete, you will have the basic skills necessary to work as a web application developer with Rails.

The Data Science Fundamentals content teaches the foundational concepts, theory, and techniques you need to know to become an effective data scientist. The material is presented with applied, example-driven lessons in Python and its associated ecosystem of libraries, where you get your hands dirty with real datasets and see real results. At the conclusion of the course, you will have analyzed a number of datasets, built a handful of applications, and applied machine learning algorithms in meaningful ways to get real results. Along the way, you will learn the best practices and computational techniques used by professional data scientists. More specifically, you will learn how to acquire data that is openly accessible on the Internet by working with APIs and parse XML and JSON data to load it into a relational database.